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At EYG we employ sales representatives up and down the country, so that when you make an appointment with us, you’re assured of having someone local, who knows your area.

We have numerous showrooms throughout the UK, and we can locate the representative closest to you.

Our sales staff are all highly trained and experienced in our wide range of home improvement products, and know how to best advise you to suit your home, and your budget. Once you make that call, we will arrange an appointment at your convenience with the nearest sales consultant, and they will visit you in your home to show you our range of products and find out how we can help.

Our staff work weekends and evenings to save you from having to book time off work. When you become an EYG customer, you have the confidence in knowing you’re dealing with a business that was established in 1970, and has a long history of manufacturing and customer service experience.

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