Aluminium Bi-Fold

Aluminium Bi-Fold

  • Smooth operation & sliding function
  • 2-7 pane system for versatility
  • High security multipoint locking
  • Increases natural light and ventilation
  • Manufactured to ISO9000 Standard
  • Warm and secure

Bi-Fold doors are an ultra-stylish and contemporary addition to your home – allowing your home and garden to become one flowing space.

Fold open your doors and enjoy a truly uninterrupted view of your garden, and benefit from the maximum availability of light to your rooms.

With EYG’s bi-fold doors, built with an ultra low threshold, you will not know where your room ends and your garden begins.

These doors can be fitted to conservatories, patios, roof gardens, balconies and extensions and can accommodate a wider opening area than patio or French doors, increasing natural light and ventilation.

When fully closed the doors benefit from all-round multipoint locking and sealing, giving protection from both the elements and intruders.

Operation is simplicity itself with one master leaf and a combination of slave leafs, all travelling smoothly on 4-wheeled runners. It's when opened fully that the real benefits of the door can be appreciated. The doors "concertina" neatly back on themselves, and fold to one side to maximise space in the room.

Secured By Design accredited.


Bi Folding Doors opening options & Locking System

Bi Folding Options Bi Folding Lock

Bi Folding Door Colour Options

You have a choice of over 100 RAL Colours. Wood effect finish available.

Colour Options

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